In August 2009 we again organised countrywide training in order to unificate tactical procedures.
This time the main topic of the two-days meeting was Red Tactics. We were honored to host SPAT Warszawa, SPAP Gorzów and TRON Pardubice.

The first day begun in early morning with some rope technics rehersal. Thanks to our friends from Czech Republic we were able to train fast roping, what was a totally new experience for most of us. Later, at one of Wroclaw’s traverses we were introduced to basics of TCCC. The goal of this part was to unificate procedures of tactical medical care.

We spent whole second day on turning theory to practice. During HR and CSAR scenarios we had the opportunity to use all our freshly gathered knowledge. To make it all more realistic we used artificial blood and internal organs.

Thanks a lot !

Photos :

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