In July 2009 SPAT Wrocław has officially begun an international cooperation with a Czech group TRON Pardubice. We were invited on a two-days training organised by this team.

We reached the place on saturday afternoon and by the rest of the day were practising basic room entry and dynamic window entry with a breaching charge, ladder and pyrotechnics. We also had an additional task: beat the language barriers (Polish-Czech, Czech-Polish and a little bit of English ). Training finished on late evening.

The second day started early morning by assaulting the flat by the window. Then we went on the rooftop of the building where from we were fastroping on the balcony to storm another flat. Here we also used the breaching charge and pytoechnics. We have never had training like this before so that was a great experience. After this part we had a small time break for a dinner and then we moved on to doorbreaching technics using the entry tools (Remington shotgun, hooligan bar, ram).

After learning those technics we used them during the assault on flat, in which there was a tango. We used the ESP Antiriot Shield to arrest a suspect equiped in expandable baton. The interesting thing is that this very lightweight shield can resist a hit by an axe. Those days were for us a very nice experience, not only because of broadening our knowledge, but also because of cooperating with a group from another country, thanks what we could`ve known tactics and a bit different from ours way of operating by our friends from Czech Republic.

Thank you again for the invitation and the mutual training, see you in Poland soon!
Below you can see some photos, movie will be available soon.

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